Balkan Master Athletics Championships Outdoor 2022 Thessaloniki,Greece
Takes place on Sep 23-25/9/2022 in Thessaloniki

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The Council of the Balkan Masters Association (BAMA) has decided to entrust Thessaloniki with the organization of the 31st Balkan Veterans Championship (BAMACI), a competition for athletes over the age of 35, divided into age groups every five years and taking place from 23 to 25 September 2022, on the track of the Eight lanes of the Kaftantzogleio Stadium in Thessaloniki.

The National Kaftanzogleio Stadium is located in the center of Thessaloniki and has a capacity of 27,700 spectators.
Construction began in 1956 with a donation from the Lysimachos Kaftanzoglou Foundation. Lysimachos Kaftanzoglou was a distinguished diplomat and lawyer of an old family in Thessaloniki.

The inauguration of the Kaftanzogleio Stadium took place on October 27, 1960


In the years that followed, Kaftanzogleio hosted many important international organizations, mainly athletics.
Until 1982 it was the largest stadium in Greece, as its capacity exceeded 45,000 seats. In 2000 a small renovation was done with the installation of plastic seats and thus its capacity was reduced to 28,200 seats. From 2002 to 2004 the stadium was closed due to renovation and modernization works, so that it can be used for football matches within the framework of the 2004 Olympic Games. Thus, together with Pankritio, Pampeloponnisiako and Panthessaliko, it uses facilities outside Attica.

Greece hosts the Balkan Veteran Athletes Championship, which takes place every year and in a separate country each year, with an estimated attendance of about 1200 athletes in the event, including the Half Marathon, as well as 500 people. as escorts. , friends, relatives of Athletes who will accompany them to this beautiful event, something that will have a significant impact on the city financially.




The White Tower of Thessaloniki is a fortification project of Ottoman construction of the 15th century (probably built between 1450-70). Today it is considered a characteristic monument of Thessaloniki and is what has been saved from the demolished Ottoman fortifications of the city. The current form of the tower replaced the Byzantine fortification of the 12th century to be used later as a garrison for the Janissaries and as a prison for death row inmates. Today it functions as a museum and is one of the most famous buildings-symbols of cities in Greece. It has 6 floors, 34 meters high and 70 meters perimeter. The White Tower overlooks the beach of Thessaloniki.


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Competition Results

See our application with all the results of the BAMACS 2022.

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Thanks to its excellent geographical location, Thessaloniki is easily accessible by Plane, Car, Train, Taxi or Bus.




The city of Thessaloniki has, year after year, as a result of its tourist activity, an increasing number of hotel units, of different types.



We have prepared for you a set of excursions to get to know Thessaloniki and all of HALKIDIKI.


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In Thessaloniki, September 2022 is a month full of a great event and full of many emotions. For 3 days Thessaloniki will live a unique life experience with people from all over the Balkans, and in this equation everyone is welcome in a young and dynamic team ......

This Program is TEMPORARY. By closing the entries MAYBE change in terms of hours, little by little down and you will be informed by the site about the FINAL PROGRAM. The competitions will not change the day of the event.

Qualifications for Entry

The Balkan Championship is open only to men and women born on or before September 23, 1987 and who are physically fit. Participation means that each competitor must follow the rules set by the technical and organizational committees. The Bama has the right to reject entries from athletes deemed unfit due to misconduct or other disciplinary issues. Go to and fill out the online entry form before the deadline.


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